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  • TB-123 Bell

    Wired Musical Bell AC110V DC 3V Battery (2xAA) 12 Melodies 

  • SI-711 Siren

    Siren 7"x11"x2" 12V DC 40W, 2 Tone Outdoor, White 

  • SI-508 Siren

    Siren 5 "x 8" 12V 30W, 2 Tones 

  • SI-221 Siren

    Siren 110V, 20W, 1 Tone  

  • SI-212 Siren

    Piezo Siren 12V DC 20W High and Low, Red Rim Light 

  • SI-164A Siren

    Auto Siren, 12V 15W, 1 Tones 

  • SI-164 Siren

    Auto Siren, 12V 15W, 1 Tones 

  • SI-136 Siren

    2-3/4" Auto Siren, 12V 20W DC6V - 13.8V, 6 Tones 

  • SI-123 Siren

    Piezo Ceiling Siren 12V DC 3" 110dB Round Internal  

  • SI-116 Siren

    6-1/2" Auto Mini Siren, 12V 

  • PL-1818X2C Video Balum

    Video Balun with BNC to UTP Cable for Camera   

  • PL-1815X2C Video Balum

    BNC Video Balun with 2 Screw Terminal Board for Camera 

  • PL-1815X2 Video Balum

    Video Balun Connector for UTP Cable and BNC Connector for Camera  

  • CTC-901 Dome

    Dome with LED and Motion Sensor Works with 2 "AA" Batteries 

  • CSC-186 BNC Plug

    BNC Plug to 2-Pin Terminal Block 

  • CSC-185 RCA Plug

    RCA Plug to 2-Pin Terminal Block 

  • CSC-184 DC Jack

    DC Jack, 2.1x5.5mm 2-Pin Terminal Block 



  • CSC-182 DC Jack

    DC Jack, 2.5x5.5mm with Cable, 30cm 20AWG 

  • CSC-181 DC Jack

    DC Jack, 2.5x5.5mm with Cable, 15cm 22AWG 

  • CSC-18 Cable

    Medusa DC 30cm, 1 Jack to 8 DC Plug