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  • RY-024 Relay

    8 Pins, 2P2C, 10A 120VAC Solder Eye Terminal   

  • RT91-24 Relay

    5 Pins, 1P2C, with 3 Terminals N.O 30A 240V AC, N.C 20A 240V AC 

  • RT-012 Relay

    6 Pins, 1P2C, N.O 30A 125V AC, N.C 30A 125V AC  

  • RR-024 Relay

    8 Pins, 2P2C, 10A 240VAC Insert Needle Terminal  

  • RL-JW1FHN Relay

    5 Pin TV Relay, 1P2C, 10A 30V DC  

    for Student

  • RK-024 Relay

    14 Pins, 4P2C, 5A 250VAC Solder Eye Terminal   

  • RK-012D Relay

    8 Pins, 2P2C, 5A 240VAC Solder Eye Terminal   

  • RH-005C Relay

    5 Pin Relay, 1P2C, 10A 120V AC  

  • RC-305 Relay

    5 Terminal Auto Relay, 1P2C   

  • OST-124DM Relay

    4 Pin TV Relay, 1P1C, 10A 120V AC  

    for Student

  • OMIT-112LM Relay

    4 Pin TV Relay, 1P1C, 10A 240V AC  

    for Student

  • OMI-212L Relay

    8 Pin Amplifier Relay, 2P2C, 5A 240V AC  

  • MD-5T Reed Relay

    Reed Relay 8 Pins, 1P1C 

  • MD-05 Reed Relay

    Reed Relay 4 Pins, 1P1C 

  • JQX62F2110 Relay

    Contactor, 8 Screws 2P2C, 80A 250VAC 

  • DS2Y-DC5V Mini Relay

    8 Pin Telecom Mini Relay, 2P2C, 2A 24V DC, 5VDC Coil