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  • TR-420 Line Transformer

    Line Transformer 20W Output 0-70V 100V

  • SPS-606 Support 7"

    Support 7" for Wall Cab

  • SPH-711 Bugles Driver 7x11"

    Bugle 7X11" 40W 8 Ohm, White Plastic

  • SPH-508 Bugle with Driver 5x8"

    Bugle 5X8'' 30W 8 Ohm, White Plastic

  • SPH-208 Bugle with Driver Ø8"

    Cornet Ø8'' 25W 8 Ohm Aluminum Gray

  • SPH-158 Rectangular Horn 8x15"

    Rectangular Horn 8X15" in Aluminum 3 Pieces to Assemble

  • SPH-140 Round Horn Ø40cm

    Round Horn Ø40Cm in Aluminum, 3 Pieces, to Assemble

  • SPD-840 Horn Unit

    Horn Unit, 40W, 16 Ohm

  • PTW-815 Potentiometer

    Wired Potentiometer 15W 8Ohm, with Panel Knob

  • PST-1509 DC9V 1.5A charger

    DC9V 1.5A charger for ASPA089BK


  • PST-1215 DC15V 1.2A charger

    DC15V 1.2A charger for ASPA088X