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New products

  • MT-7501E Fiber Optic

  • CC-5275 USB Converter

  • CC-203 Toslink Optical

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  • TO-7301 Mini Metallic Press

    Mini Metallic Press, 60mm Opening, Suction B

  • TO-720 Kit of 10 Mixed Fixed

    Kit of 10 Mixed Fixed Wrenches 4 - 11mm

  • TO-706 6" Expansión Key

    6" Expansion Key

  • TO-106 Metallic Scalpel

    Metallic Scalpel

  • TO-105 Hooded Scalpel

    Hooded Scalpel

  • TO-101 Large Scalpel Blade

    Large Scalpel Blade

  • PT-036U LI-ON Battery...

    LI-ON Battery Cordless Screwdriver, 3.6V 350mAH


  • PD-372 Mini Metallic Press

    Mini Metallic Press, 25mm Opening, Suction B

  • MS-153C Rubber Vacuum Pump

    Rubber Vacuum Pump and Cleaning Brush, Electric Circuits, Ø56mm

  • MA-152 2M Blue Antistatic...

    2M Anti-Static Handle Adjustable Elastic Cuff

  • MA-016 Optovisor 3 Magnifiers

    Optovisor 3 Magnifying Glasses Illuminates LED (1+2+3: 5.8X, 2+3: 2.6X, 3: 1.8X) Batteries (AAAX2)


  • 903-133S Plastic Box of 8...

    Plastic Box of 8 Modules with Individual Lid 79x16x21mm


  • 903-132 Box 18 Fixed Divisions

    Box 18 Fixed Divisions 210x110x32mm

  • 8PK-MA006 4X 2-1 / 2...

    4X 2-1 / 2 "Magnifier, 62mm with Light, Uses 2 AA Batteries

  • 8PK-MA003N Optovisor 3...

    Optovisor 3 Magnifiers with Light (1.8x2.3x4.8) Batteries (AAX4)

  • 8PK-611 3M Green Antistatic...

    3M Green Antistatic Handle Elastic Armband

  • 608-611B-6 2M Black...

    2M Black Antistatic Handle Velcro Bracelet

  • 203-132B Mobile Division Box

    Mobile Division Box

  • 1PK-390 Inspector Mirror...

    Inspector Mirror with 360º Equalizable Arm

  • 103-132C Double Box

    Double Box with Two Lids, 16 Divisions, 165x95x45mm