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  • TM-018 Timer

    Electronic Timer for Rail 

    • Consumes 5VA, 110V, 16A, LCD Display
    • 16 Schedules 

  • TM-006 Timer

    Digital Timer, 50HZ 

    • 20 Schedules per Day
    • 40 Schedules per Week.
    • Uses "AA" Battery, 110V 

  • TE-104 Pole Plug

    Chassis Ground Pole Plug, 5A AC 125V

  • TE-101 Take

    Take with Pole to Ground, Pressure

  • TB-123 Bell

    Wired Musical Bell AC110V DC 3V Battery (2xAA) 12 Melodies 

  • PR-504 Timer


    • -Against Voltage Variations
    • -4 Minute Safety Cycles
    • -3 Mode LED Indicator
    • -Universal Power Socket 220V
    • -Removable Tie Pin 
  • PR-132 Tester

    110V Digital Phase Tester 

  • PR-122 Tester

    6-12V Phase Tester for Auto  

  • PR-116 Detector

    Live Line Detector with LED and Flashing Whistle, 2 AAA Batteries  

  • PR-113 Tester

    190mm Bronze Cap Large Phase Tester  

  • PR-112 Tester

    195mm Bronze Cap Large Phase Tester  

  • PR-103 Tester

    140mm Bronze Cap Small Phase Tester  

  • PR-102 Tester

    145mm Bronze Cap Small Phase Tester  

  • NT-306 Tester

    Wireless Voltage Tester 

    • White lighting light
    • Detects Voltages Between 90 and 1000V AC
    • Contactless Metal Small Size
    • with Pocket Clip
    • Voltage Indicator with Red Light and Whistle
    • Power supply 2 AAA batteries Not Included
    • Complies: CAT IV at 1000V
    • Uses: Electrician, Maintenance Personnel and
    • ETC security.
    • ATTENTION: Never Test Voltages Over 1000V 
  • NT-1933 Tester

    Luminous Phase Tester 

  • LT-300V Tester

    LED Strip and BackLight LED TV Tester 20-40mA, 0-300V

  • LM5630T1MB LED Module

    Rigid Aluminum Strip Led Module 72 LEDs 5630 12V 1M, Blue 

  • LM1.5W-L3 LED Module

    Module x 3 Round Led with Magnifier 0.5WX3, White Light, High Brightness  

  • LM-5730-L3 LED Module

    5730x3 Led Module with 12V Lens, White 

  • LM-5630-E3 LED Module

    Module X3 Led 5630 Siliconized 12V, White Light, 20 Modules