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  • WBCBL100MF Jumper

    100 Jumper 20CM Male-Female (Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Green) 

  • WB-CBL65 Jumper

    65 Jumper Different Color and Size Male-Male, Priced for 65 

  • WB-CBL100 Jumper

    100 Jumper 20CM Male-Male (Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Green) 

  • WB-106 Protoboard

    Protoboard 2390 Points, 6 Buses 13.0x17.5x0.85mm 

  • WB-104 Protoboard

    Protoboard 1660 Points, 4 Buses 13.0x17.5x0.85mm 

  • WB-102 Protoboard

    Protoboard 630 Points, 2 Buses 54x165x0.85mm 

  • WB-101 Protoboard

    Protoboard 170 Points, Mini Adhesive 34x45x0.80, 4 Colors 

  • WB-100 Protoboard

    Protoboard 270 Points, 1 Bus 5.0x8.8x0.85 

  • TR-504 Transformer

    AC/AC Transformer Input Voltage AC110V


  • TR-504 AC/DC Transformer

    AC/DC Transformer Input Voltage AC110V

  • TP-5240 Thermal Fuse

    Thermal Fuse (Timer) 

  • TP-073 Thermal Fuse

    Thermal Fuse (Timer) 

  • PT-5205U Mini Drill

    Rechargeable Mini Drill 3 Speeds 5000/10000/15000 RPM, 10 Tips 

  • MO-359 Motor

    5.9V Ø24mm Motor 11mm Shaft for Lens Mechanism 

  • MD-109 Mini Drill

    Mini Drill Kit with DC12V Adapter 

  • LM5630T1MB LED Module

    Rigid Aluminum Strip Led Module 72 LEDs 5630 12V 1M, Blue 

  • LM1.5W-L3 LED Module

    Module x 3 Round Led with Magnifier 0.5WX3, White Light, High Brightness  

  • LM-5730-L3 LED Module

    5730x3 Led Module with 12V Lens, White 

  • LM-5630-E3 LED Module

    Module X3 Led 5630 Siliconized 12V, White Light, 20 Modules

  • LM-5050RGB LED Module

    5050x3 Led Module Outdoor Siliconized 12V RGB