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  • CP-167-12 Extension Pro.Mic

    Extension Pro.Mic. Plug XLR to Jack XLR, 3.6 M

  • CP-160-3 Extension Mic.

    Extension Pro.Mic. Plug 6.3mm Mono to Jack XLR, 0,9M

  • CC-5552 USB Converter Cable

    USB Converter Cable

    • USB to XLR Female Converter Cable
    • 2M, Connect Dynamic Microphone
    • to PC for Recording, Youtuber 
  • CA-562UL Angle Power Extension

    Angled Power Extension UL for PC-TV, 1.8M

  • CA-552UL Mickey Type UL

    Mickey Type UL Power Extension, 1.8M

  • CA-512-10 Power Extension

    Power Extension for PC-TV, 3M

  • CA-102UL Power Extension

    Power Extension UL for PC-TV, 1.8M